Sunday, April 8, 2018

Where RosenDiehl came from... has existed since before we dreamed we would be a business.  It was actually where we sent our guests for our wedding starting in 2009.  You see Rose is Jen's maiden name and well Diehl is of course Jason's. Our friend Adam dubbed us RosenDiehl and it kind of stuck. 

Enter our company. We spent minutes coming up with Vintage Diehls. We did not know what we would do, but we would do something. We loved flea markets and antique shops. It was a special time for us and lots of wedding decor came from our journeys. That brand started simply.  Now The Ritzy Rose was a bit more difficult. We liked the Rose part and you can read a bit more here... check out "Behind the Name".  Now we needed a company name. Well you can see how RosenDiehl fit. Plus we already had the .com.

It has simply been a landing page for years and then we forgot our hosting expired, so it was nothing (hey we were busy... sorry). Now in 2018 I found the simplest and truth be told cheapest way to get our .com back up and running (feels a little 2005, but you know what if it isn't broke). Plus I had been looking for a little creative outlet. So has gone from our wedding site to a page or two to this blog. I will try to keep up with news, history and our thoughts from time to time.  Thanks for checking it out and off we go.

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